Community Participation

Program 1
Project coordinator : Mrs. Gail Slusar
 We are a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to, as one of our components, educational outreach for ecological sustainability programs related to human well-being. An herb garden project is proposed for several classes at Highland Arts Elementary School, in Mesa, AZ.
Students in a 3rd grade, and grades 4-6 mildly mentally handicapped class, will plant, maintain, and harvest herbs, while learning the benefits of herbs in their diet. Students will be working with garden tools, seeds, soil, and natural fertilizers. They will use organic pesticides (i.e., ladybugs), as needed. Cooperative learning will be a key component of this experience. They will be instructed in how to research, learn the benefits and uses of herbs, and will use technology to create an informational brochure for each herb. Part of their curriculum will include sustainable agriculture theory
They will preserve, harvest, and sell the herbs, labeled with uses, including their brochure, at the annual Spring Carnival at their school. This will spread their knowledge and product to the whole community.